It is an honor to receive such high praise from our valued clients.

Below are some examples of Client Testimonials and Success Stories:

Global Leadership Program: Confident Young Professionals

The CYP program guided me to understand what differentiates me and how to present my value to my target audience. This has helped me create a holistic brand and project a clear signal of who I am and what I want to the world. This in turn has impacted various interactions I have had and helped me create long lasting impressions on people that I meet. Moreover, Jean and Tania are truly invested in your success. Their feedback is honest and constructive – this creates huge opportunities to learn and grow. Moreover, they embody what they preach thereby validating their approach to professional development.

Fareena C.
Commercial Real Estate Consultant & MBA Candidate, University of Toronto

I always felt that I had strong technical skills but I had a difficult time effectively communicating myself in a way that would showcase my skills and value to others. In this respect, the Confident Young Professionals program helped me develop long-term and practical strategies to create my personal brand and powerful tools to showcase myself. In addition, the private networking event was a great opportunity to connect with established professionals in my industry and to seek mentorship from them. Overall, this was an excellent program, and I really appreciate all the help and support from Jean and Tania.

Alina Z.
Transportation System Designer

The CYP Program pushed me out of my comfort zone to seriously look at myself and share what I see with others. I really do feel like I have the confidence and motivation that I did not have before to seize opportunities and that I am equipped with strategies to succeed.

Nick Y.
Community Service Learning Coordinator, University of Alberta

I’m walking away from the CYP Program feeling clearer, more confident, optimistic, and empowered about my own self and my future than ever before. It is the end of the workshop, but it is the beginning of a different life.
I had the pleasure of working with Dr. Kim through her Confident Young Professionals program. I’d search for and follow any kind of work she does in the future- workshops, seminars, or presentations; it won’t matter because I enjoyed every single minute of the CYP workshop. It was a wonderful workshop, and I thank her for her professional and faithful help.
As a student entrepreneur, I’m seeing tangible, quantifiable results of the CYP program through my own company. I recently pitched my business idea to the Kitchener City Hall and received a $1,500 grant for student entrepreneurs! Also, one of the best developers agreed to work on my website and phone app for free because they were so impressed by my ability to communicate the vision of my business with clarity and confidence . These results made me realize how powerful your CYP program is. Thank you Tania and Jean!
One of the things I loved about the CYP program was the great design and flow of content. The first 2 days of the program allowed us to dive deep into the areas of personal branding and effectively communicate our brand and value proposition to our target community. Then it was amazing that we had the opportunity to put everything we had learned into practice on Day 3, making use of all the skills we acquired right away. On top of that, I was able to meet Jean and Tania; two wonderful speakers who were really inspiring!
CYP is a great workshop series to participate in. The skills we acquire through the CYP program are so crucial for young professionals to be successful in our fields. As young professionals, we need to demonstrate our professionalism, and at same time make connections. Networking is such an important skill, but not everyone has a chance to properly learn it. I encourage everyone to participate in the CYP program, where you will learn something that benefits you throughout your professional years.
I cannot even describe in words how useful this experience was! Taking part in the Program provided me with the huge opportunity to network with professionals working in my fields of interest. Through Jean and Tania’s training as well as the feedback from the professional mentors, I now know exactly what aspects about myself I should communicate and how to communicate them.

Women’s Leadership & Career Development Program:

“Live Your Potential”

I participated in the Live Your Potential Program at a period in my career full of changes and challenges. I was looking for a program that would help me and also guide me in making decisions and understanding my main professional goals. I was more than happy that I found this program organized by professionals such as Dr. Jean Kim and Lilit Simonyan (MPA). The program helped me to clearly understand which career path I should take, and how I can apply my skills to exceed my own expectations. I recommend this program to all professional women who consider career change or need support in career plannin.

A. S.
Manager – Special Projects, Business Information Industry

The program was a very valuable experience for me because it really opened my eyes to various aspects of my career development, like enhancing my negotiation skills and being focused and strategic in achieving my professional goals. I especially liked how the program had a very systematic approach to self-reflection and career planning, and I would strongly recommend it to anyone who is seeking positive change in their professional life. Thank you to Lilit and Jean, who were not only professional and knowledgeable, but who also provided me with much-needed honest feedback and support throughout the program!

Michelle H.
Assistant Business Development Manager, Education Industry

The “Live Your Potential” Women’s Leadership and Career Development program was a phenomenal course! Both Dr. Jean Kim and Lilit Simonyan have developed this program to engage, encourage and build confidence for working women from all walks of life to become their personal best!

Two highlights for me while attending the LYP program was meeting a group of career driven ladies all facing similar career obstacles, as well as being able to bring my 7 month baby boy Logan. This was great for me as I was able to build on my personal and professional development without having to compromise leaving my son at home. Completion of LYP has given me a kick start into the right direction for 2017.  Now empowered with just the right tips and tools from this program, I feel ready and confident to go back to work after my maternity leave and to pursue other personal goals. Thank you Jean and Lilit for this wonderful experience!

Stephanie S.  Media Strategist


I specifically selected the LYP program to boost my confidence level. Looking at each module of the program, I instantly felt this program would be perfect for me. One of my many key learnings from the program is that “practice makes confidence”. I always thought being confident was a privilege for only naturally gifted people. But with the LYP program, I was able to gain confidence by practicing my communication skills, negotiation skills, and influencing power. With increased confidence, I’m sure I can even become a better public speaker now.

During the personal leadership module of the program, I also realized the kind of mindful leader I want to become in the future. Moroever, I learned how to develop my people skills. For instance, when facing any type of conflicts, I tend to avoid them rather than solving them because I don’t want things to get awkward. With the help of Jean and Lilit, I am now able to talk about the issues and actually work on them. The Live Your Potential program strategically lets you to deep dive into your real issues and engages you to solve them. This program is truly an amazing opportunity for any women who want to grow both professionally and personally. I highly recommend!

I joined the LYP program when I found myself in a transition point facing a challenge of choosing my career path for the next 5 to 10 years. I was very excited to learn about the program and to be eventually a participant. During two intensive days of full-packed content, our experienced trainers, Jean and Lilit, provided us with valuable tips and best practices on better personal branding, strategic networking and much more. I believe concepts learned during the training will be pivotal in getting a clearer picture of my immediate career choices as well as long term perspectives.

I must say the peak of the program was the LYP Panel Discussion & Networking Event on Day 3, where all the participants had the opportunity to speak with and get specific tips and inspiration by prominent women from different walks of life. Now, I feel more motivated, empowered, focused and ready to take action!

I am thrilled I came across the Live Your Potential Program. At a time where I was trying to take stock of the year and look ahead, I could have not made a better decision than to take these 2 days of training. There are three main reasons why I would recommend this program: Firstly, I reinforced and explored the knowledge about myself and brought forward the key features of my personality and professional abilities to plan my career with very clear and easy steps to actually make it happen! Secondly, I safely shared and learnt in a highly positive and productive environment of curious and ambitious women. And finally, I practiced the skills learnt during the program in an immediate opportunity created by Jean and Lilit; the LYP Panel Discussion & Networking Event exclusive to program participants. I was inspired by the high net-worth of professionals brought together by the Founders of this program. I truly recommend the LYP program. Come and join the network of women ready to live our full potential!

I feel very grateful to have joined the LYP Program’s Fall session in 2016. This program helped me to clarify and understand which path I should take for my next steps in my career. Now I know what my strengths are and how I can use them to create better opportunities for myself.

I want to express my sincere appreciation to Jean and Lilit for being such great professional advisors and trainers during the LYP Program. The program has broadened my view about the professional world, which I will face immediately after my graduation. It also prepared me psychologically on how a woman can excel in the professional world and encouraged me to pursue a successful future career in my dream job in the finance field. Upon completion of the program I challenged myself to take the CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) Level 1 exam, and I recently received a letter indicating that I passed the exam! I am so happy about the results because it will be my first step to pursue my career in finance, and I am now more confident in myself than ever. All the knowledge I learned in the LYP Program was so valuable to strategically prepare myself for my career planning & development. Thank you for providing me with such a great opportunity.

Before taking part in the LYP program I lived by the flow of time without reflecting on myself and identifying my own strengths and weaknesses. The program helped me to step back and think deeply about myself and what my personal brand is, and to confidently communicate my brand message to others. I also gained more confidence in building my professional network and asserting myself and what I believe in using smooth negotiating skills. I never had these kinds of sessions in my life and I was very satisfied after the program. I will definitely recommend this to other professional women who are seeking to reach their potential. Many thanks to both Lilit and Dr. Kim.

Keynotes & Workshops

Out of countless conferences I have attended, I find that it’s very rare to come across a presenter with natural stage presence, such as Jean Kim. I had the pleasure of meeting Jean at the National Association of Asian American Professionals (NAAAP) National Convention and attended one of her presentations. Jean’s ability to connect with and further engage the audience, in addition to her comprehensive understanding of how people’s perceptions and understandings of each other are formed is excellent! She also demonstrated a natural ability to present a professional topic with language and examples so that the average person could easily understand the main concept. Jean’s natural presentation ability is a must for any effective workshop and she earns my highest recommendation!

Bryan Y.
Senior GIS Technician at EN Engineering

Jean’s workshop “Optimize Your Professional Image” for Women in Engineering was highly interactive and creative, and I could see the great expressions on all the participant’s faces. The content was also really valuable because it provided students with guidance in an area that they tend to know very little about. Moreover, Jean was a great presenter and she was so personable that it created a friendly environment where everyone was comfortable to speak their mind!

Subaagari S.
R&D Engineer Associate at Baylis Medical Company
Workshop Co-Organizer for Women in Engineering, Ryerson University

Dr. Kim’s session really shed light for me into an important issue of how our generation of physicians can bring back or develop a humane way of communicating within the medical community. Moreover, the workshop inspired me to take immediate action to reach out to a role model within my medical community, which has resulted in the invaluable opportunity to meet with him person. It was great listening to Dr. Kim’s insights during the workshop and I feel medical professionals need more and more of her sessions.

Dr. Asa A.
Medical Resident, Western University

Dr. Jean Kim recently facilitated a lively workshop, Professional Branding and Social Media, for medical residents at the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry. I would recommend this workshop to all professionals, including those in the field of medicine, as they can become empowered by learning how to enhance their personal brand not only through direct interactions with others but also through a positive social media presence.
Dr. Kim’s Effective Communication workshop was very well organized and brilliantly executed with a lot of joy and passion. I have not only learned a lot, I also got an opportunity to network at the end of the workshop. I had a great time throughout the workshop, especially while networking and putting all the newly learned information into action. There is no doubt in my mind that Dr. Kim is one of the finest communication specialists in the area. I can’t wait until the next workshop.
Your leadership workshop and presentation about networking was highly valuable and the information that I learned was absolutely unforgettable.
Dr. Jean Kim’s expertise was instrumental in helping the audience to understand the Art of First Impressions. Her workshop was very informative and also interactive- incredibly valuable in increasing the comfort level among what may have been a circle of strangers. Mastering the Art of First Impressions is a critical tool for any professional and Dr. Jean Kim holds a key to this intriguing, complex social perception. I would like to thank Dr. Kim for her valuable insight.
I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jean in a collaborative capacity for a seminar on Business Communications .Her approach in preparation of the presentation was well-thought out; from the title of the presentation, to the methodical selection of the relevant topics that keenly addressed the communication needs of the group. Her delivery of the seminar demonstrated her expertise in the subject matter of communications with her encouraging tone, well-articulated responses to the group’s questions and practical role plays. She is a consummate professional and demonstrates a strong ability to deliver memorable and impactful presentations. Lastly, Jean’s desire to deliver positive change through her work is the reason I highly recommend her to any organization.
I attended Jean’s “Networking like a Pro” workshop and her presentation was fabulous! I’ve been to many other networking workshops which I didn’t enjoy, and I’m so glad I attended today. Jean made the content very memorable and she was very easy to listen to. Thanks again, Jean!

Individual & Small Group Training

As a working mum of a little boy I always felt like I appeared frazzled and ‘not-put-together’. Everyday I always had an excuse for myself to avoid the challenge of upgrading my professional image, but after meeting Jean I decided to finally tackle this task with her help and guidance. During our image development sessions, Jean really helped me determine the right fit, comfort and colours for me so that I could update my professional image while staying true to my authentic style. Also, with Jean’s practical guidelines for my figure, skin tone and budget, I am now a more disciplined shopper, which has really decreased my impulse spending and saved me money! I now have a stream-lined professional wardrobe filled with items that make me look and feel great, and I feel like I’m one of those “put-together” women when I leave my home every day. Thanks, Jean, for helping me feel great about how I look!!!

Andrea H.
Registered Nurse, Toronto, Canada

Dr. Kim has helped me tremendously with my business communication skills so that I can verbalize my thoughts in a professional and effective manner. And as someone working in international trade, my improved communication skills have had real, practical applications in my presentations and negotiations with global clients. But more importantly, Dr. Kim has become my role model in life as she embodies everything that she teaches. I have so much respect and admiration for Dr. Kim, and working with her has been one of the most significant catalysts for positive change in my life.

Yoo Jeong L.
International Trade Manager, Seoul Korea

Through my work with Dr. Kim, I was able to more effectively adapt and improve my written-communication skills in a way that is culturally appropriate for the North American professional setting. In addition to this great improvement in my communication skills, Dr. Kim’s dedication and passion towards those she works with has helped me feel so much more empowered as an individual. I truly admire Dr. Kim, and she has now become my role model and life mentor.

Sawa K.
Marketing Professional at Philips Japan, Tokyo, Japan

After my image development session with Jean, we created an action plan which I was so excited about that I immediately implemented it the next day. Jean’s approach to working with her clients educates and empowers such that you become self-sufficient and not reliant on her indefinitely. I’m excited and ready to give off the look that represents how I want to be perceived professionally. Thank you, Jean!
Working with Dr. Kim has been one of the best decisions I’ve made for my professional life and overall self-confidence. When I found out that my new role at work would require frequent public speaking, I was absolutely terrified and intimidated thinking about presenting in front of my superiors and peers. Dr. Kim helped me tremendously in overcoming my fears through her meticulous and encouraging training. Not only did I learn so many practical skills and tools to improve my presentations, but I also felt so much more confident about myself after every session. These days, I receive so many compliments at work about how polished and engaging my presentations are, and I cannot thank Dr. Kim enough for this empowering transformation.
Dr. Kim is not just a communication specialist who has theoretical knowledge but someone who knows how to apply that knowledge into practice. During our training, I was very satisfied and impressed that she always provided me with well planned sessions based on my goals and needs. I could see that she understood my personality and communication style quickly and would focus on areas that needed improvement while still maintaining the communication style which is aligned to mine. Moreover, through her own extensive international experiences living in many countries and cultures, she was able to understand and identify where my linguistic and cross-cultural communication challenges were coming from. But one of the biggest reason I trust Dr. Kim is because I can clearly see that she is applying the things she teaches me in her own professional and personal life as well. If you just want to know some communication “trick”, it would not be difficult to find it online or through quick “how to” books. But if you are committed and are ready to improve your communication skills to achieve your goals while still maintaining your unique and authentic personality, I highly recommend Dr. Kim.
Dr. Kim’s high-quality communications training translates into top-notch results. I worked with Dr. Kim while preparing for my MBA application essays and interviews. She took the time to fully understand the key message that I wanted to convey about myself and helped refine my communication skills so that I could deliver that message effectively and confidently. With Dr. Kim’s help, I was accepted to one of the top 10 MBA programs in the world, and I thank her for her hard work and dedication.
I’ve had the privilege of working with Dr. Kim while preparing for my interviews and honing my communication skills during my work as an Investment Relations Officer. And I have to say that working with Dr. Kim was like magic. During our sessions, she asked powerful, in-depth questions that brought focus to my ideas and also helped me clearly and effectively articulate my thoughts. Dr. Kim’s expertise in communication coaching, sense of professionalism and meticulous attention to detail are second to none. I would recommend her to any individual who is looking to improve their communication skills for their professional advancement.
Jean worked with me on my personal image development so that I can look the part of a confident and professional business owner. My wardrobe was very much stuck in the 90s, and with Jean’s help, not only do I look more confident and put together, I’m constantly receiving compliments that I look sophisticated, modern and even 10 years younger. When you know you look the part, it makes that much more difference when you interact with clients and business associates. I recommend Jean highly to anyone who needs help in dressing for success.