Women’s Leadership & Career Development Program:

“Live Your Potential”

Live Your Potential is a leadership and career development program designed exclusively for ambitious, motivated professional women who are ready to be more and earn more, give more and get more. Become more focused and intentional about your career. Create strategies that allow you to fully leverage your strengths, skills and previous experiences. Confidently declare your value to the world.

Live Your Potential (LYP) is a 2.5 day program that includes 2 Full Days of Training  plus a Private Panel Discussion & Networking Event exclusive to program participants. The program offers 6 empowering modules that strategically build on each other to empower and support reflection, learning, and action planning. The participants are then able to put all their learnings into action at the LYP Panel Discussion & Networking event, as they draw inspiration from and connect with our panel of female mentors. 


Join award-winning trainers Dr. Jean Kim and Lilit Simonyan at our upcoming LYP Programs. Click here for more information.  

Start the strategic process of goal-setting and action planning while reflecting on your interests, competencies and passion.
Identify your unique personal brand and articulate your value to your target community with clarity and confidence. Create strategies to communicate a consistent brand message across multiple channels in your professional life.
Advance your competencies and strategies to be more assertive and successful in the workplace to effectively influence and negotiate upwards or sideways within your organizations, or with clients, external clients, and suppliers. Build confidence in your influencing power and ability to reach a win-win agreement.
Build strategies on where to go, with whom to meet, and what to say in order to expand and maintain your network. Learn how to “sell” your value and engage stakeholders through the power of storytelling.
Develop personal leadership skills boosting your “people skills”. Learn how to build inclusive relationships in the workplace, effectively work in diverse teams, and increase your self-mastery and social intelligence.
Build on learnings from Modules 1-5 and create a clear, strategic action plan & accountability structure to meet short term and long term professional goals.

Receive complimentary invitation to exclusive LYP Panel Discussion & Networking Event, open to LYP Program graduates ONLY. Engage in honest conversation with inspiring female panelists/mentors who have overcome their hurdles to live their potential. Bring your burning questions and create meaningful relationships with mentors who are there to share their strategies and tips for success.

Please note: This 2 hr Panel Discussion and Networking Event will take place within two weeks after completion of the program.

Gain exclusive access to our Live Your Potential on-line alumni group to share resources, celebrate accomplishments, and stay on track to meet goals. Build your network by connecting with other like-minded, ambitious women from previous LYP Programs.

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Jean and Lilit are a truly remarkable career coaches. Before attending the Live Your Potential Program I lacked direction, confidence and clarity in my career goals. They helped me identify my leadership skills, strengths, specific corresponding career options and then develop a plan to take advantage of those strengths. After a month of concluding this program I landed my dream job as an Operations and Logistics Coordinator at an excellent company Ecobee Inc. Now my new career path allows me to move forward both professionally and financially thanks to Jean and Lilit.

I consider this program an invaluable investment in my personal development and highly recommend it to anyone who wants to move up in their career/profession.

Thank you Jean and Lilit!

Leticia S.
Operations and Logistics Coordinator at Ecobee Inc.

I had already taken Jean’s leadership program as an undergraduate student, which had such a positive impact on my life. So I was thrilled to participate in her Live Your Potential program a few years later as part of my career planning & development. After the program, I felt incredibly energized, but energy wasn’t the only thing I gained from the experience. There were some other programs I took in the past, where the content was rather “fluffy”. This wasn’t the case at all with the LYP program. The tools and skills that you acquire through the program can be put to use the very next day, and you can see the results right away. In fact, the day after our session on Negotiation & Influencing Skills, I put my newly acquired knowledge to use and was able to negotiate a deal that I wanted! Moreover, Jean and Lilit are great trainers who are smart, informative, witty and above all, extremely supportive. All in all, I would definitely recommend this program to anyone who needs that extra help to fulfill their potential.

Rosamond Z.
Masters in Management Candidate, ESCP Europe Business School

Live Your Potential is a program that caught my attention at an opportune moment in my professional life when I wanted to focus on developing my career but needed the time to reflect on where I was and where I wanted to go. I am so grateful to Dr. Jean Kim and Lilit Simonyan, who have inspired me and other women to pursue their passions and “live their potential”. Their down-to-earth yet professional approach to facilitating this program made my time in the classroom both enjoyable and worthwhile, encouraging me to gain a stronger sense of self-awareness and motivation to realize not just my career goals but my personal aspirations. Professional women at varying stages in their career could benefit from this program.

Senior Advisor, Ontario Government