Individual & Small Group Training


I help individuals build powerful strategies to communicate their value to the world in a way that is effective, professional, and authentic. My expertise lies in working with professionals who speak English as a second language, including global executives, international faculty & students, and internationally-educated immigrants. I also specialize in working with fabulous, self-proclaimed introverts and professionals working in the fields of Science & Technology.

Through a complimentary, introductory consultation, I develop a customized training program for individuals and small groups (2-6 people) that aligns best with their communication needs and goals. As a two-time recipient of the Teaching Excellence Award, I draw on my 15+ years of international teaching experiences to help my clients optimize their communication skills and empower them to fearlessly showcase their value to their target community.
  • Public Speaking (Including Business & Academic Presentations)
  • Networking Skills
  • Business Communication Skills
  • Cross-Cultural Communication Skills
  • Interview Skills
  • Written-communication Skills
  • (Academic publications, Business Communication, Resumes, LinkedIn)
  • MBA & Graduate School Applications
  • Professional Image (Dress for Success)
  • Global Etiquette

Client Testimonials

I have trained with Jean on enhancing my public speaking skills and professional image since 2011, and I am thrilled to see amazing, tangible results. I was recently awarded the Best Presentation Award at a major national conference in my field and I am often told by my junior colleagues and peers that I am now their role model in terms of communication skills and professional image. The combination of her academic training and professional experiences really shines through during our sessions. Helping people to feel confident with what they are and how they look, behave and communicate is Jean’s #1 premise and I fully recommend her as a communications and image specialist

Dr. Sayra Cristancho
Scientific Researcher & Professional Engineer, Western University | London, Canada

I would definitely recommend Dr. Kim to any business professional for whom communication plays a fundamental role for a successful career. As a professional health practitioner, my main goal in working with Dr. Kim was to be able to effectively communicate with my patients in a way that provides sufficient explanations without overwhelming them with information overload. As a result of our sessions, I feel that I will be able to communicate in such a way that helps establish a professional yet trusting patient/practitioner relationship-one that ensures the client’s active participation-which is a crucial aspect of my profession. Dr. Kim’s feedback was the best I have received so far regarding my communication skills, and at the end of our sessions, I felt empowered and ready to implement her advice in my future contact with patients.

Sarah D’Intino
Nutritionist | London, United Kingdom

As an international student preparing for my graduate studies in the United States, I was extremely nervous about giving presentations in English and also about various communication skills that would be expected in my new academic and professional settings. Based on Dr. Kim’s customized and structured training program, we worked intensely on not only improving my presentations skills but also my overall communication skills (including non-verbal & written communication), starting from a confident handshake to a culturally appropriate and professionally-written email message. She provided meticulous and thorough training, which completely exceeded my expectations. Now I feel so much more confident and at ease about my graduate student life in the U.S.

Jongseok Lee
International Graduate Student at University of Michigan | Ann Arbor, USA

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