Global Leadership Program: “Confident Young Professionals”

The Confident Young Professionals Program is a customized, experiential leadership program

for global change makers seeking to showcase their strengths and make impact in their organizations and the world.

Join international trainers Dr. Jean Kim and Tania DeSa (MBA) for this empowering and interactive program.

Please Note: The entire Confident Young Professionals Program runs over 2.5 days. Parts 1-4 may be offered as 1 or 2 full-day workshops. Please contact for further information.

Day 1
Discover & develop your personal brand and unique value proposition. Uncover your strengths, skills and passions to really shine.
Learn to connect with anyone in order to engage stakeholders & build relationships. Turn conversations into opportunities via the power of catalyst conversations & job shadowing.
Day 2
Look and behave the part of a confident and competent business professional. Dress for success and practice proper global business etiquette, and leave a fabulous first impression on those you meet.
Create powerful communication. Maximize verbal and written communication to initiate connections that lead to meaningful and lasting professional relationships.
Day 3
Get real time feedback and community support via a LIVE hosted networking event with established and successful professionals in your dream industry to improve your performance and stay on track to reach your goals.

Here’s What Our CYP Graduates Are Saying:

Through my participation in the CYP program, I gained valuable communication skills to make powerful connections, such as how to ask meaningful and interesting questions and gracefully leaving conversations, which was a real weakness for me. The program gave me effective strategies and tools, which I’m excited to use at my next conference. Overall, it was great to have such a warm and supportive environment to practice new skills and uncomfortable conversations without feeling self-conscious.

Heather M.
Environmental Consultant

I had a great experience in the Confident Young Professionals Program. The workshop design was exceptional, a logical first day of finding one’s passion, brand value and day two of expressing and living those very values. Of course, no workshops are excellent without wonderful facilitators. Tania and Jean each bring their unique experience and personalities, educating the class while challenging each of us to be great. Coming out of the workshops, I am equipped with more networking tools, more friendship, and most importantly, more belief in myself. Thank you Jean and Tania.

George L.
Analyst at CIBC

I can’t remember how many times I failed at interviews before. I felt like giving up. But your workshops reminded me of what I was missing: the confidence and determination to live up to the values that mean so much no matter how hard it seems. After the workshops, I never failed one job application, and all my employers say they are so impressed by my professionalism and values. I now have the mindset to strive for excellence.

Rosamond Z.
Student at University of Toronto

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